Tuesday, 7 June 2016

York Fair

Firstly, thank you to everyone who posted on this new blog.   I'm really excited about this one and am full of ideas.   Whether or not they happen will be anyone's guess but it's really nice to know folk are interested and keen to see what will be coming next.

It's great fun shopping for minis relating to a new property when all the ideas are buzzing around (in fact it's great fun shopping for minis, period) and I wasn't disappointed with my trip to the York Fair at the weekend.    I arrived in York early enough to allow myself an afternoon of RL shopping and that wasn't disappointing either - I love York!

The one thing I didn't get was the item at the very top of my list namely, panelling.   Out of stock, but I should hear from the seller the minute it's readily available again.   Here' are all my purchases and where I can remember, I've noted the name of the seller (the flooring in the background is for another property) -

Chandelier Matlock Miniatures;   decorative plaster items;  table decoration (the candles are too tall!);  fabric;  lion's heads J & A Supplies;  fretwork screen and door Dolls House Direct;  fretwork ceiling decoration.

During my foray round the shops on Saturday afternoon I came across these little items from, would you believe it, an Armoury shop.   This is a bonus!    I am so pleased to be able to say that Marsh Hall now has a motto "By Virtue Safe" and a Coat of Arms.   How swanky is that?    I've no idea how they will fit into the scheme but fit they will.   The little picture/carving is a magnet and the perfect size for a wall decoration.


  1. Hi Irene! It looks like you had a great time in York! The laser cut woodwork all looks beautiful. And the fact that you have a motto and a coat of arms is Very Swanky indeed!!! I love the beginnings of a project when all seems possible! The deciding how to narrow the options is sometimes a challenge. I really look forward to seeing this one develop! You always find such perfect and specific accessories!

  2. You have the eye of an eagle - all well spotted and scooped. Well done on every little one of them. You can smell and feel the flavour of the place as these things gather. Think March Hall with require a novel not just a simple narrative. Marilyn

  3. Hello Irene, your trip to York certainly wasn't wasted! You really did brilliantly with your purchases. I love the fretwork and the coat of arms is going to be a wonderful touch. Really looking forward to following this build with you!
    All the best

  4. You like shopping for a new house - we LOVE it when you go shopping!!!
    Lots of lovely things here as usual, Irene, I'm so excited to see more of this project.