Friday, 15 September 2017

"The Snuggery" (a cosy or comfortable place, especially someone's private room or den).

Thank you all for your encouraging comments to my "Sitootery" post.   I'm so pleased you like what I'm doing with this.

I seem to have been on a roll with alternative names for the rooms I'm creating and this next one is no different.    I came across the word "Snuggery" and thought it was such a good one, I just had to use it.   It's really just a 19th century man cave but sounds so much better!

So, let's go to The Snuggery -

This little room is situated in the swing out section of the property and sits directly above The Sitootery and has the same dimensions - 11" (27.94cms) wide by 6" (15.24cms) deep.    All the electrics for this and the other two spaces have to be done by battery.    I ran the wires across the floor and up the left side of the door, through the ceiling and onto a battery pack which will be disguised as a trunk (or something) in the top space.

I ended up not using the electrified candlestick as the base was too large for the "shelf" which is a combined dado and display area as I wanted to get as much out of this space as possible.    It's actually a deep cornice using the widest part for "stuff".

I had been itching to get on with decorating this room as I knew well in advance where I would be going with it especially once I'd bought the fake bookcase.    This came from The Miniature Scene, York.   I knew exactly what I was going to do with this.   The door can now double as a bookcase - again letting me make as much use of the space as I could.

The painting of Rabbie Burns is actually a magnet purchased from the National Gallery of Scotland and is copied from a painting by Alexander Nasmyth (Scottish portrait and landscape painter 1758 - 1846).

The panelling was again created from the "how to" featured in Dada's Dollhouse blog

I finally got round to painting the little Moorish table from Arjen Spinhoven.   

I used mother of pearl paint with touches of blue and gold.   There's nothing quite like a wee glass of Glenfiddich when it's cold outside!

The wonderfully detailed smoking hat was a purchase from Jonquil at Latchkey & Jonquil     I had been saving it especially for this room and I love it!   Thank you Jonquil.

Oh look - a wee visitor!

There are still some accessories to be added and I'll show you those as and when they arrive.

..............and finally, meet Glenbogle the Marsh Hall stag.

Monday, 14 August 2017

The Sitootery

Many thanks for your lovely comments to my last post.   They're all very encouraging.

It took me a while to actually figure out how I was going to use the space and at the same time get in all the items I wanted but it's finished now (apart from any additional bits I intend picking up from fairs) and I hope I've done the space justice.

I got rid of the planters on either side of the door, shown in the previous post, they were too bulky.

The fountain was my first venture into the world of Scenic Water and I hope I haven't made it look as though the lion is throwing up!

There wasn't enough trim to go straight across the full width of the back wall so I had to create a something that would fill the space.   I think this works.

Not sure if the figures above the door will stay but they're fine for the time being.   There's a good chance I'll find something perhaps more suitable at the York fair in November.

It's all filling up quite nicely.

This is my "fourth" wall and it may yet benefit from a "something else".   I think it still looks a bit bare.

The photos below are my favourites.   I love the view back into the Dining Room.

This is the view from the Dining Room.   I'm pleased with the way that turned out.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Garden Room (or "The Sitootery")

Firstly, many thanks for your lovely comments on my previous post, they are very much appreciated.    You can probably tell, I'm having a lot of fun with this house.

The one thing that attracted me to this property was the swing out portion.   It presented lots of possibilities and was something a little different from the usual flat fronted houses available.

The section on the right swings out from the main building giving me three smallish rooms to play with.

The first to be tackled is the space on the Ground Floor accessed via the Dining Room.

This space is going to be The Garden Room or (as I prefer to call it) The Sitootery.*

* Scots English - from "sit oot", a small area to sit out and relax.

It's just a small space measuring 11" wide (27.94cms) by 9.5" (24.13cms) by 6" (15.24cms) deep.   I haven't got very far with it yet but there's paper on the walls, tiles on the floor and a decorative cornice.   I had to juggle that about a bit as I only had two strips and was determined to make it fit without the need of ordering more.    So, this is what it looks like so far -

The table has a wirework top so the card is there to make fitting a cloth much easier.    I'm still at the playing stage so not sure if the planters will stay.

This is the cornice I mentioned.

Lots to think about!

Thursday, 13 April 2017

At last, an update.

It's been a wee while since I last posted any progress on the work I'm doing with this property but at last I can show you what I've been up to.    Neither room is completely finished.   I've still to add all the little accessories that hopefully will bring them to life but all the decorating has been done.

In some instances I have had to use the flash as very little daylight gets to the Great Hall.   The pictures have also shown up little things that need attending to and improving - which is no bad thing!

Firstly, the Great Hall

and The Dining Room

I'm so looking forward to my trip to London next month which will include the Kensington Fair hence the lack of accessories.   I've been saving myself!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Almost, but not quite!

I've been on such a roll with this property (sadly to the exclusion of my other one Netherton) that I just had to get to a point where it was ok to let it sit for a while and proceed with my other project.

Work has been progressing well with the Dining Room but not to a point where it's a) complete or b) I can show you the whole room.    What I can do however is give you a little taster, so............

The ceiling -

Some panelling* -

*All credit for this panelling must go to Dada's Dollhouse blog where I found the "how to".

and some art work.

I know, he looks pretty fed up, doesn't he?

I'm in the process of making curtains at the moment so I should be able to reveal the whole room soon.

Monday, 9 January 2017

The Great Hall

Happy New Year to all my followers - I hope everyone enjoyed their festivities.

For a while now I've felt as though any mini-ing I have done has been more by way of buying than actually doing.   I can never decide whether it's better to decorate all the rooms of a property then fill them gradually or decorate and fill before moving on to the next room so with that in mind, what I do have to show you is a decorated space.    I have some of the furnishings but not all.

This is The Great Hall - it would have been used to greet/entertain visitors who were not so well known or not important enough to be taken to the private rooms upstairs.

It's a difficult space to photograph due to the additional swing-out part of the building to the right which blocks out any natural light so I had to use a lamp.

The piano was a basic bare wood affair to which I have added carved panels and lighting.    (I have also just noticed that it lacks pedals!   These were removed because they looked too clunky and will be replaced).

The area in the corner below gives the impression of access to other areas.   I've deliberately left out a kitchen in this property as I've done three already and wanted to use the spaces for other things so we can imagine the stairs leading to the services located elsewhere.

The door to the right leads to the Dining Room.    The little Coats of Arms were taken from a postcard and mounted on varnished panels.

All the windows to this property are situated at the front.   I created "stained glass" for the upper shaped part of the window with "leaded" glass below.

Below shows the "fourth wall" with it's stained glass windows and I've arranged the curtains to highlight the design when the lights are on.

I'm afraid my little canine friend doesn't look very welcoming!