Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Come on baby, light my fire..........

The Great Hall in Marsh Hall needed a fireplace.    I bought a fire surround, logs and dogs but, silly me, the logs were too wide for the fireplace opening.   I therefore had to resort to Plan B - make one.

Using the dimensions of the purchased fireplace but making the opening wider and then diving into my stash of foamboard I came up with this

Three coats of paint and two coats of dark oak varnish later, I had this

Hopefully, once it's in place, it'll look suitably Baronial.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

October Miniatura

Had a great weekend at Miniatura, Birmingham.   I travelled down on the Saturday, fair on Sunday, home on Monday AND I didn't spend all the budget so that can roll on to York in November!

Where I can, I'll list the sellers -

Fabric, The Silk Route;  brass strips, At Home with Mrs Hogarth;  wood moulding, Jennifers of Walsall  and laser cut detail panels, The Dolls House Builder.

Lights, Heidi Ott Miniatures;  plants, The Flower Lady;  woven trug;  resin figures, Eggers Delight;  lock, Sussex Crafts

Fabric, Blue Riband Fabrics;  Fireplace, Victoria Fasken;  decorative fire screens, Elite Petite Interiors;  slipper bath, Sussex Crafts.

I'm not sure yet whether this selection would work better in Marsh Hall or Netherton so I've posted it on both blogs!   The fire surrounds are from Eggers Delight and the chairs from Alison Davies Miniatures.

There were one or two sellers I had hoped to see who were not there which was a bit of a disappointment and there were quite a few items on my carefully crafted list that I didn't get, but I did however manage to make up for that by purchasing items that weren't on the list and some I hadn't even thought of so all in all, a good weekend.