Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Come on baby, light my fire..........

The Great Hall in Marsh Hall needed a fireplace.    I bought a fire surround, logs and dogs but, silly me, the logs were too wide for the fireplace opening.   I therefore had to resort to Plan B - make one.

Using the dimensions of the purchased fireplace but making the opening wider and then diving into my stash of foamboard I came up with this

Three coats of paint and two coats of dark oak varnish later, I had this

Hopefully, once it's in place, it'll look suitably Baronial.


  1. Hi Irene! I think your "home-made" fire-surround is perfect! It is sometimes wonderful how necessity causes us to make something even better than the original model! Now I can't wait to see it in place!

  2. It's perfect, Irene!! Am doing so much mor satisfying to know you had created it yourself. It will look great dressed up for Christmas...

  3. It's the perfect style for your house.

  4. It looks fabulous Irene, and I'm dying to see it in situ!
    All the best

  5. I am with Daydreamer a bought one wouldn't have been half as good. You are a genius with bits and bobs and some magic. Even more glorious with its fire and 'trinklements'. Marilyn

  6. Hi Irene, Perhaps you will find this before Christmas - perhaps not. Just wanted to wish you a joyous Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy 2017.
    You are always encouraging to other miniaturists - it is very nice.
    Regards Janine