Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Garden Room (or "The Sitootery")

Firstly, many thanks for your lovely comments on my previous post, they are very much appreciated.    You can probably tell, I'm having a lot of fun with this house.

The one thing that attracted me to this property was the swing out portion.   It presented lots of possibilities and was something a little different from the usual flat fronted houses available.

The section on the right swings out from the main building giving me three smallish rooms to play with.

The first to be tackled is the space on the Ground Floor accessed via the Dining Room.

This space is going to be The Garden Room or (as I prefer to call it) The Sitootery.*

* Scots English - from "sit oot", a small area to sit out and relax.

It's just a small space measuring 11" wide (27.94cms) by 9.5" (24.13cms) by 6" (15.24cms) deep.   I haven't got very far with it yet but there's paper on the walls, tiles on the floor and a decorative cornice.   I had to juggle that about a bit as I only had two strips and was determined to make it fit without the need of ordering more.    So, this is what it looks like so far -

The table has a wirework top so the card is there to make fitting a cloth much easier.    I'm still at the playing stage so not sure if the planters will stay.

This is the cornice I mentioned.

Lots to think about!


  1. I love the beginning of an idea and all the possibilities I can see for here from tiny little place of calm for sitting and reading and a glass of whisky or cup of tea to a mad Victorian collection of ferns in pots and barely a place to wing a cat. Can't wait to see your imaginings. Marilyn

  2. Hi Irene! What a fascinating design feature! I love the room so-far ... And the Name!!! Such a great and expressive term! I shall have to adopt that.... if I ever make a room that qualifies! I love the trim and the paper you have chosen. Yes, I can tell you are having fun with this property!

  3. Looks good Irene. The wallpaper gives the room a warm sunny feeling, and pot plants are good! I love the swing out rooms on this hoise too - really fun to play with.

  4. A garden room is a very good idea and this is a very good start.

  5. What a great idea it looks great I love the wallpaper you have used. I cant wait to see this room grow :)
    Hugs Maria

  6. Marsh Hall is such a Marvelous project and I Adore it's Gothic style. I am glad to see the Scottish elements being carried on throughout the Hall and this little "Sitootery" is on its way to becoming a charmingly private and Feminine space.
    Your choice of wallpaper is Perfect and will look warm and sunny even on a cold misty day.
    Keep on moving forward Irene. I'm getting anxious to come and sit in your "Sitootery" ;P


  7. I love this idea, Irene, the trellis wallpaper is perfect.

  8. Hello Irene,
    I am sorry I missed this post. What a terrific idea for the room. It is perfect for the size of the space. I really love the combination of the tile with the wallpaper.
    big hug