Friday, 15 September 2017

"The Snuggery" (a cosy or comfortable place, especially someone's private room or den).

Thank you all for your encouraging comments to my "Sitootery" post.   I'm so pleased you like what I'm doing with this.

I seem to have been on a roll with alternative names for the rooms I'm creating and this next one is no different.    I came across the word "Snuggery" and thought it was such a good one, I just had to use it.   It's really just a 19th century man cave but sounds so much better!

So, let's go to The Snuggery -

This little room is situated in the swing out section of the property and sits directly above The Sitootery and has the same dimensions - 11" (27.94cms) wide by 6" (15.24cms) deep.    All the electrics for this and the other two spaces have to be done by battery.    I ran the wires across the floor and up the left side of the door, through the ceiling and onto a battery pack which will be disguised as a trunk (or something) in the top space.

I ended up not using the electrified candlestick as the base was too large for the "shelf" which is a combined dado and display area as I wanted to get as much out of this space as possible.    It's actually a deep cornice using the widest part for "stuff".

I had been itching to get on with decorating this room as I knew well in advance where I would be going with it especially once I'd bought the fake bookcase.    This came from The Miniature Scene, York.   I knew exactly what I was going to do with this.   The door can now double as a bookcase - again letting me make as much use of the space as I could.

The painting of Rabbie Burns is actually a magnet purchased from the National Gallery of Scotland and is copied from a painting by Alexander Nasmyth (Scottish portrait and landscape painter 1758 - 1846).

The panelling was again created from the "how to" featured in Dada's Dollhouse blog

I finally got round to painting the little Moorish table from Arjen Spinhoven.   

I used mother of pearl paint with touches of blue and gold.   There's nothing quite like a wee glass of Glenfiddich when it's cold outside!

The wonderfully detailed smoking hat was a purchase from Jonquil at Latchkey & Jonquil     I had been saving it especially for this room and I love it!   Thank you Jonquil.

Oh look - a wee visitor!

There are still some accessories to be added and I'll show you those as and when they arrive.

..............and finally, meet Glenbogle the Marsh Hall stag.


  1. Love this. And Bob, the cat coming through the door.
    That stool looks amazing. Great job with the paintwork.

  2. Love this Irene, love the name snuggery, love the fake bookcase, the corner fireplace and the hat. I especially love Glenbogle - he really suits the ambience of the castle. Also great job painting the table.

  3. Most Impressive Irene! I have to say that the bookcase door is a Fabulous addition to the room, especially with the cat entering! AND I love the moorish table and the smoking hat, which are perfection!
    What a great name for a room and you certainly have made "The Snuggery" a VERY cosy room indeed! :)

  4. Wow! It looks amazing, Irene. All the details and interest, it's packed full of life and I'd love to spend an afternoon in there - the whiskey would be good too! I love the bookcase-door, it's incredible and such a great idea for such a small space. That blue colour on the panelling is very nice too.

  5. Wow!!! Irene, that came together really fast! You clearly knew exactly what you were looking for... snug and cozy and warm and comfortable.... just the sort of place we all want to relax in! I Love the way you painted the Morroccan table! And all the other little details... the cat is wonderful and so is the stitched cap from Jonquil!!! You have managed to make this little space feel much bigger than it is and not seem over-crowded! I love it!

  6. Irene, it's wonderful!! I just love it. I have always been obsessed with hidden doors, especially disguised as bookcases and here you have it! Fabulous. I love the colours and all your little touches are just perfect for this wee room. The name is superb, The Snuggery, wonderful :) It's amazing how you can fit a complete 'story' into such a small space. I think it's marvellous and I'm really looking forward to your next room!
    All the best

  7. What a cozy and pleasant room. I love the tartan wall paper and the colour of the room. The fake bookcase is fantastic and I like the fireplace in the corner.

  8. Hello Irene,
    This is another beautiful room! I really love the shelf idea. It is such a great way to maximize the space and display little treasures. However, the bookcase door is my favorite detail in the room. It is not only fun and again a great use of space, but it looks fantastic...I just love the open door with the little visitor coming in. your accessories are spot on and I love everything. I love Glenbogle, nice touch!
    Big hug

  9. Hello, Irene! It is wonderful! You create a very special atmosphere. In these rooms I want to live. Hugs, Julia