Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Parlour progress

I don't know why but I have a real struggle finding suitable rugs.   There are loads out there but I never seem to come across the right one when I'm looking for it so the search continues for something that will do the job in The Parlour.

Quite a lot has happened in this room since my last photo and I feel the room is now starting to take shape.    Still lots to add - the dresser needs filling as does the what-not and there are still other little items to find for the desk.

I'm not sure if I like the circular table and was thinking of changing it to a square one but I'll think about that.   The sofa to the left needs painting.    It's a John Hodgson piece and I was thrilled to find it at a York Fair some time ago.    I almost snatched it off their table!

The door isn't fixed in place yet as I can't do that until I've added the wall covering to the hallway on the other side and there's an pediment to go in place once that happens.    More stuff has to be added to the mantel as well.

The gateau, servings and cups of tea were purchased from Amanda Speakman.   

The desk is a Mini Mundus kit which I measured very carefully before ordering and it fits that space perfectly.   All the drawers have been lined with green felt and it's my intention to fill every one!


  1. Hi again Irene. Another lovely, cosy room! Everything looks great in here, and I think I like the round table. Visually it is softer than a square table might be. But it is entirely up to you! And the sofa - what a great score! I can imagine when you saw it, snatching it up! Been there myself! Haha! And those Mini Mundus kits work so well. Yours looks great. Can’t wait to see how this room looks as you add the accessories. X

  2. Hello Irene,
    What a charming and welcoming room. The sofa and desk work beautifully in the room. they are both very handsome pieces and I love your tea service. I usually tend to like round tea tables, but I agree that a square one might work really well in this room. I look forward to seeing what your decision is.
    Big hug,

  3. A very welcoming room, with the lights on there is a warmth to it.

  4. Hi Irene! You are making progress on all your properties! I can sympathize with the rug dilemma... I am never satisfied with most commercial ones... I have used "temporary" (hah!) scraps of cloth in most of my builds and once the scrap is there the new rug never shows up! LOL! I have pie-in-the-sky ideas of making petit-point rugs for all those rooms... but am still only competent making cushion sized pieces! At any rate, your parlor is looking so cozy with the tea table and the fireplace and the desk tucked into the corner! I always love to see your accessories! And I always look forward to seeing more!

  5. Yet another lovely room. Excited about all the small stuff to go in the drawers - why do I love that so much? I think the table in a parlour would probably have been one of those fold down ones they stood against a wall to save space and whipped out for the tea tray now and then - so I would go for round but not with a cloth - that would 'lighten' its impact? M

  6. I love all the details, Irene, and the lighting gives the room such atmosphere. I have the same problem with rugs. I often resort to cutting pictures of them out of agazines or printing them off the internet.
    Hope you are enjoying Spring.

  7. Hello Irene, the room is just lovely. But you do have a knack of getting the 'feel' of a room just right. I like the round table, but you know what is right for you. Love Marsh Hall!!
    All the best

  8. Hi Irene!
    I don't know how I missed this posting but I'm glad to have found it!
    Your parlor is lovely! :D
    I love the recessed areas around the fireplace and the SOFA is WOW!!! it's absolutely PERFECT for this room AND I love your round table too! :D
    Regarding suitable rugs:
    I have a collection of specialty books on rugs ( thrift store finds) which have full high resolution photos which I photocopy onto iron-on transfer paper or print onto suede papers.
    If using the suede papers I'll give the printed rug a spray with matt sealer to keep the inks from fading. Works out pretty good.